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What are Backlinks in SEO and Website Design?


Backlink is a term largely used in search engine optimization (SEO). It is very important as bread and butter of not only bloggers but any other website that want to generate external leads. A Backlink is another incoming link to a webpage from another website. When a site A, links to a site B, the site B can say I have a backlink from site A. Simple as is.backlink 3

Example – When you link a website from this site to Wikipedia, Wikipedia will get a backlink from you.

There are two types of Backlinks:

  1. No-follow: No-follow backlink it will not help in search rankings.
  1. Do-follow: While a Do-follow backlink will pass the search engine juice and effect the search engine ranking.

To rank higher on Google, Bing and other search engines backlinks are needed, and Do-follow backlinks are very important to rank your site higher in search engine results.backlink 2

In SEO and Blogging, backlinks are important as they decide who stays at top of search engine results.

There are No website that will give you a Do-follow link, unless they are in a co-opt. Therefore SEO companies get hired as they provide Do-follow link at a certain cost.

But, we always should be aware of spam or low quality links. A link from a good website, that has a domain authority are considered as high quality backlink.

These quality links can really boost your search engine traffic and, traffic means you can earn money through your website.

This may sound easy to say or think, but it isn’t building a high quality backlinks isn’t easy.

In these past several years as a UX Designer, we have earned a lot through building different websites. But, it has become tough as the competition and the number of sites have skyrocketed. Starting a new website would require a definite plan and implementation.


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