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Techniques for Earning Links to Your Site

Techniques for Earning Links to Your Site

The important part of digital marketing is, links. More specifically; searching, earning, and attracting links to your site from other related sites and social media users.

Links are important not only because they drive traffic, but also continue to be the most credible single metric used by search engines to determine a site’s ranking. Search engines are sensitive and pay extra attention to the types of links that link back to your site. Having the “right kind of links” is the difference between online success or failure.

There are too many different ways to build links. There’s “white hat” method that is just like public relations, this method is where you will have a website build for a specific topic and reach out to people who care about this topic.

Plus, if these people have websites, you can include in your outreach requesting a backlinking opportunity. The goal is to have a link back to your website, either in a blog, a resource list, etc… and this is known as “earned links”, a very powerful signal for search engines. The idea is that people who are passionate about a topic are more likely to link to a higher quality content than to a low-quality content.

On the other hand, the link-building is what some people call “black hat”, where you will create your own collection of content, sites and links that you control completely.

Aside from ranking higher in search engines, it is recommended for you to start looking for links as pathways to your business. It’s good to optimize your content for this purpose because they do represent an opportunity for organic traffic. However, this will be the same for your competitors too, surely there are hundreds of outstanding fashion designers in the USA but search engines can rank only one of them in the first place. So, should the rest give up? The answer? Never give up!

Here are a few examples of link-building techniques you can try:


  1. If you’re a local business, go to Moz Locala free tool where you can instantly view the accuracy of your local business listings and if those listings are consistent, correct and visible in the web.
  1. Search Engine Submission and business directories. Link your site to the search engines and business directories, the best way to get backlinks.
  1. How-to’s and tutorials. Create tutorials, whether it’s a text, video, or both, a tool, DIY project, or anything else, that will help people to learn things. It is very helpful to show them exactly how to do something.
  1. Interview industry experts. It’s easy to find experts in your niche by searching the right keywords. Invite these experts to be in an interview with you. Experts like interviews, because it will confirm their status as experts. And since these experts already have connections, followers, fans and have their own sites, blogs and newsletters, your interview with them will attract links.

The bottom line? Follow links that you want regardless of whether or not Google and other search engines rewards them for you. Follow links for a belief that links will be a great help for your business.

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